Peer Teaching and Team Teaching

During Teacher Training, we are required to work with another student teacher to plan, resource and teach our peers a skill from our own art practice that they wish to learn.

Myself an my partner, Aisling Flood, decided to teach Sibori (Aisling) and plaster casting (Rachael). Both of us had an understanding of each others practise, so we decided that we would deliver a unit that would equip our peers with the basic understanding of these two skills that could be covered in the three hours we had.

We set a project brief and highlighted ways that the shibori could be used with casted molds and vice versa. It proved to be a very enjoyable and very beneficial experience to work alongside another teacher and to learn from her ways of approaching planning and organising resources.

PDF of project brief

PDF of History of casting and additional info

PDF Visual Aid step by step casting

PDF of Support artists


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