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Promoting meaningful and fulfilling lives for people with intellectual disabilities

What is Stewarts Care?

Stewarts Care is a fantastic service that advocates for the welfare of their service users with intellectual disabilities, which include adult and children. 


For adults, they provide important support services such as residential homes, independent living supports including finding jobs for service users, and importantly they provide respite day services with their own layered services to support service users' in their day to day lives and teach life skills.

If you wish to learn more about Stewarts Care, there website can be found

I worked with an incredible group of adult service users in Mill Lane training centre, Palmerstown.


Although originally set up to be a horticulture training centre, it has grown to become so much more, providing vocational and life skills' training.


As well as this, the produce grown here is used by other Stewarts Care facilities such as the Café Kaizen and The Old Beehive. Activities at Mill Lane include horticulture and various arts & drama activities such as pottery.

Placement  Highlights
Team Teaching Experience
PME Mentoring of Student teacher
Skills in planning and implementing
Experience in adaptive teaching and catering for individuals needs and welfare

The Mural Project

During this placement, I had the task of mentoring a new student teacher from the undergraduate education programme. Together, we planned and implemented an immersive project with the service users to create an outdoor mural that represented Mill Lane and its' service users.

The wall in the image on the right was the chosen area for the mural. The mural seen was over 30 years old, and was painted when the Stewarts Care building functioned as a school, some of the service users actually painted it in their school days. Since the lean-to style glasshouse was removed, the wall was in great need of some freshening up. 

It was decided with the service users that we would incorporate their love of drama into the mural. We used a game process employed at Mill Lane to decide on the mural composition, which would tell the story of a bank robbery by a cowboy. This drama was enacted by the service users over two days, and their shadows were traced onto large pieces of paper that we transferred to the wall when the scrapping and new paint coat was finished.

Through this process, the service users gained confidence, organisational and planning skills as well as developing communication and delegation skills through healthy communication in creating the group artwork.

View the project imagery in the PDF below.


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