Professional Masters in Education

Research Dissertation

My Master's dissertation presents research undertaken which poses the question,

"How suitable is the Leaving Certificate Art History and Appreciation curriculum to the contemporary Art classroom?"


The purpose of this line of research was to better understand the experienced curriculum, the changes that are coming to the new curriculum, and what methodologies and resources are available or would enhance the learning and teaching of the Art History, particularly in the area of contemporary art. 


I employed mixed methods when carrying out research. The two main means of collecting data were student questionnaires and a teacher survey carried out online.

An online Teacher Survey was chosen as this allowed for a variety of responses from teachers with varying years of experience of the curriculum, creating a better chance of variety of opinion. The response rate for this survey was 34 respondents.

A student questionnaire was carried out to gauge the opinions and experiences of 12 students. They were questioned about their interest levels in the curriculum, what they would change about the curriculum, if approve of the current way of assessing their Art History syllabus, etc.

Research Availability

The research will soon be available to read via a link on this page.


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