The Change Lab is a space where the student teachers within the Professional Master of Education (PME) in the School of Education use the contemporary gallery space to examine and respond to the major themes of our time through their art practice.


This dynamic model of teaching and learning opens up ways of ‘thinking about’ and ‘responding to’ the world in which we live. The participatory and collaborative nature of the ‘Change Lab’ engages student teachers collectively in tackling themes of space and place, social justice and development education in designing a dynamic art curriculum for second level.


The importance of the NCAD Gallery as space for learning is central to the concept of the Change Lab. The gallery becomes a testing space for ideas and creating artwork and the meaning of the artworks are negotiated- open to the audience, the public and the staff and students of NCAD.

Exhibition opening 'The Change Lab', NCAD Gallery, April 2019.

Photobook inspired by the theme, "Space and Place", by Rachael Foley.

"Space and Place" was one of the starting points for our line of research.

The photobooks were displayed during the exhibition.


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