"If It Weren't For Delia"

This work was exhibited in the NCAD Degree Show in 2018 at the National College of Art and Design. Having completed my undergraduate years in the area of 'Sculpture and Expanded Practise', my work was composed of a several mediums including Installation, video, audio and performance.


The work is a documentary-style piece which investigated the history and family dynamic of running a successful horticulture business. The inspiration for this work was the central role of the 'wife' in horticulture and farming businesses that I had come to learn of. I was intrigued by the Irish cultural which saw an innocent lack of recognition for this huge contribution to farming and horticulture throughout Irish History.


The work consists of an installation centered on an audio piece which juxtaposes three interviews with family members about the history of the business, from day to day chores to acquiring bank loans. The result is the contronting perspective of a mother, her son and daughter who see the world in different ways with varied ambitions. 

The contruction of the work explores the clash between domestic and working class life. The overall form is a high, lean-to glasshouse aesthetic with wallpapered 'walls'. 

The video ties the audio to the construction, and is projected onto the plastic sheets that line the old glasshouses.

The leaves on the ground of the construction is tomato leaves, which were harvested, transported and ritually layerd while the exhibition took place. This allowed for the characteristic smell of the farm to allow for an immersive experience.


© 2020 Rachael Foley

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