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Teaching Council of Ireland

The Teaching Council is the professional standards body for the teaching profession, which promotes and regulates professional standards in teaching. It acts in the interests of the public good while upholding and enhancing standards in the teaching profession.

Member - Visual Artists Ireland

Visual Artists Ireland: The Representative Body for Professional Artists. It provides practical support to visual artists in all art forms throughout their careers. It provides services, facilities and resources for artists, operates an artistic programme and acts as an advocate for the interests of artists.

Member - Art Teachers Association of Ireland

The Art Teachers' Association of Ireland is one of the longest established Subject Associations in Ireland.

It was set up in 1950 by Patrick Heney. It is run on a voluntary basis by and for qualified Art Teachers. They are the formal voice of Art Teachers in Ireland, and have representatives on various educational committees NCCA, SARG, InSEA.

Member - Archery Ireland​
Archery Ireland is the national governing body of archery in Ireland. It promotes the sport of archery across Ireland through the development of clubs and supporting its members. 
Archery Ireland is affiliated with the international governing body of Archery, World Archery.
Member - Dublin Archers
Dublin Archers is a  target archery club on the north side of Dublin. Their members are some of the most highly involved in competitive archery in Ireland.
They are affiliated with Archery Ireland, the governing body for archery in Ireland.

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