"Commuters Travels", 2017.

Commuters Travels is an installation performance piece which was exhibited in Eblana House in 2017. 


My art always comes from a personal place. This work is the outcome of creative frustration at the time lost while commuting three hours every day on Dublin Buses. During this time, I was finding it challenging to find a balance between the training I maintained daily and my art practice.


This was translated into two videos created by timelapsing a number of my commutes. The first documented my hands while I wasted my time, tearing up training targets. The second video documents trying in vain to salvage the pieces, pasting them into a travel mug.

The work is finished with a genuine Dublin bus chair. This was then upcycled to target practice in a performance on the opening night.


© 2020 Rachael Foley

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