Artist Statement

Rachael is a multidisciplinary Visual Artist who works in casting, mixed media Sculpture, performance, installation, photography, video and audio mediums. The inspiration for her work stems from her life experiences, with themes often relating back to rural living and locality in nature. Rachael's work has a documentary art style, which is practiced through a diverse range of art processes. 

Rachael's family heritage in horticulture has been a long-lasting source of exploration through many art projects. This has become a way to not only understand her heritage but to negotiate the complex realities of the competitive food industry. Although her mediums are always evolving and fluid, her immediate environment continues to be a rich source of fuel for her art. The question of where inspiration will strike next is as exciting as it to deciding what medium to approach it with.

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"TRADE MARK", 2019

Place and Space is the difference between the known and the unknown, the important and the passive. A 'Place' has personal significance. Foley has explored Place and Space through the narrative of the tomato farm that she grew up on, and the relationship her long run family business has with her local community.


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